Tuesday, November 23, 2010

“A Conversation” about Oak Valley-A Golf Community

On a late fall day, driving to visit Oak Valley- A Golf Community  for the first time, most would think “Golf, golf, golf” and envision their first hole-in-one. Part of Oak Valley’s 690 acres does boast a 200 acre golf course- and not just any golf course, but Arnold
Palmer’s ONLY Signature-Designed Golf Course in the Triad. Yes, golf is Oak Valley’s forte. But equate that thought to having dessert before dinner and you have eaten the cherry on top but you still need your “meat and potatoes.” Well, here you go.

Within minutes of Winston-Salem, one of America's Most Livable Communities, Oak Valley offers the convenience of accessing just about anything in a short drive. From boutique shopping, exquisite food, to the best in education and hospitals in North Carolina, Oak Valley is close to the heart of it all.
Speaking of which…have we mentioned the commute to Oak Valley? Driving is an afterthought. “Getting home” will make your senses heighten. It will make you want to memorize every color, shade and shadow of the wise resident trees lined on either side of Highway 801. As you turn into Oak Valley, your eyes dance across the trees magically placed upon the rolling hills and you can almost smell a crackling fall fire. This, too, can be enjoyed taking a stroll on neighborhood sidewalks.

As we have said, Oak Valley is not just golf, convenience and beauty. This golf community makes it difficult for you and your family to not enjoy yourself! Outdoor activities such as the neighborhood swimming pool, club house, children’s playground, basketball courts, recreational fields, scenic lakes, parks and landscaped areas are just down the street. Swim club, tennis club and golf club memberships are available. Oak Valley represents a championship lifestyle at its best. But we want you to decide this for yourself!

Who’s ready for the cherry on top?

Stay tuned for Oak Valley updates. To pick out your lot or for more information, call 336-659-3242 or visit www.CBTriad.com/OakValleyAGolfCommunity .

Enjoy your drive out to Oak Valley! Directions: I-40 west to Exit 180-A. Head South on Hwy 801. Turn Right at Oak Valley. Follow the signs for the specific neighborhoods.

Outdoor Activities at Your Front Door in Lochurst!

Lochurst is one of the featured developments referenced in our last post, "Interested In Building Your Own Home...But Not Now?," where home buyers can choose their lot, builder and build at their convenience. There is no time limitation for building! Come pick out your lot now!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Interested In Building Your Own Home...But Not Now?

If that intrigues you, read this article published by the Winston-Salem Journal in the HomePlace on Nov. 14, 2010 With the real estate market ever changing, our very own John Bishop shared he's noticed a positive shift in the custom homes market above the $300,000 price point. Also, home buyers are now offered more flexibility in choosing their lots as well as their builders~ and the best part, you can Buy Now & Build Later!          

Nov. 14, 2010 HomePlace Article

The Lake at Lissara's "Scout" shares his very own Jalepeno Cracklin' Cornbread Recipe.......Happy Thanksgiving.... ...Whoot Whoot!!!

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