Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Want to know? Want to go?...to the Candle Tea!

Christmas time is upon us! Every city has its own traditions and one of Winston-Salem’s originates many years ago in Old Salem- the Candle Tea. For those of you who aren’t from here or do live in the Triad and know Old Salem but really don’t know Old Salem, this is a treat for us all. For you veterans, I hope you collaborate with me by sharing your thoughts at the end of this post. 

Single Brothers' House where the Candle Tea will be held
Winston-Salem was the only community to ever be officially designated as a hyphenated name by the US Postal Service. In 1913, ‘Salem,’ meaning “peace,” merged with ‘Winston,’ named in 1849 to honor Colonel Joseph Winston- a war hero and legislator.

Salem was originally settled in 1766 by groups of Moravians from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, as they began construction to build religious, economic and administrative centers. Old Salem was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1966 as approximately 70% of the buildings are original. It hosts a museum which showcases Moravian culture with live demonstrations by skilled interpreters such as tinsmiths, blacksmiths, cobblers, gunsmiths, bakers and carpenters. Old Salem’s living history museum truly is unique!
Home Moravian Church

Speaking of traditions, the Candle Tea is a tour through the Single Brothers’ House in the historic district of Old Salem. Sounds of jolly Christmas carols and scents of Moravian coffee will warm you on this guided visit put on by the Home Moravian Church Women's Fellowship. It is their only fundraiser hosting approximately 10,000 people and is completely volunteer run. All proceeds benefit local charities.

Join us in supporting the Home Moravian Church Women's Fellowship and dedicated volunteer Jim Baucom, one of our very own agents, in celebrating this Moravian tradition cordially known as the Candle Tea. Enjoy a cup of Moravian coffee and a piece of sugar cake as you come to understand what life was like for those who founded and lived in Salem.  Click here for the Candle Tea schedule.

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