Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Whoot whoot! ~ An update from The Lake At Lissara

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Monday, January 17, 2011

CBTR "moves forward"

Just a quick update ~ we are getting ourselves situated after the heated jumpstart into 2011! As you might have heard or read, some of CBTRs agents and staff have been busy transitioning into different office space- whether it is into a home office or into another branch, it is for the love of technology and higher compensation plans! Check out a few pictures of our changeover and lookout for more updates!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Godfrey rising to the top with a new office concept

Trendsetters tend to stand out and rise to the top. As one herself, Beverly Godfrey, President and CEO of Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors operates under the principle of being on the “cutting edge” of technology. As a visionary, Godfrey understands the fine art of meeting market demands while balancing efficiency.

Our consumer demands agents to be mobile where business can be accomplished around the world and back within minutes. Real estate offices are now located at the coordinates where the agent happens to be- not at the coordinates of the bricks and mortar.

Add cutting-edge technological aspects into the standard real estate office, mix in several traditional concepts while using a fraction of the space of the current real estate office ….and voila!

We present to you the café style real estate office concept- for the mobile consumer and for the mobile agent. Ironically, this office concept is the most innovative way as well as the most customary way to service the practice of real estate. It was created to empower the consumer with the ability to be hands-on and more involved. Consumers and agents are able to work together, face-to face in the lobby, conference room or outside at the patio tables on nice days. The office is equipped with comfortable chairs, state-of-the-art flat screen TVs that function to serve with the click of a button. Burlington’s office was chosen to be the beta office to offer its consumers a café environment. Refer to one of our previous blog entries, 'The Grand Opening of a Grand Concept,'  to check it out.

There are a few offices in the back, some kitchen space, and a coffee center but the primary function of the café office is for the agents and consumers to utilize the lobby and conference room. Whether the consumer is “techie” or not, the agent and consumer are afforded the opportunity to build their relationship and ease the home purchase through this real estate concept.

Agents have the ability to use these TVs, connect to the WIFI inside or out with their laptops, or they can work from home. With recent technological upgrades to Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors business strategy, Godfrey has integrated a paperless system called Document Manager which is a protected online storage system. Going paperless enables CBTR to free up a lot of office space as well as promotes environmental conservation.

This transition to a café style office for the mobile agent means a reduction in office space. This is why agents from two of the CBTR offices as well as the corporate office began merging on Jan. 1, 2011 into one of the other five Triad locations.  

With a reduction of bricks and mortar, CBTR is better equipped to maximize its investment in technology as it anticipates the needs of its customers, clients, and agents resulting in quicker, more qualified responses in this ever changing marketplace.

See our article published 1/2/11 in theWinston-Salem Journal HomePlace.

“I saw an office that was working and I got so excited about the concept of it being so customer and client driven but also so high tech. I knew technology had progressed to the point that some bricks and mortar needed to become virtual instead of physical, so we could in turn invest what we were spending on bricks and mortar on our customer and clients.  The prototype clicked with me and when I visited I said to myself, Whoa, I love this. I could see the possibilities and made me realize what we could do,” said Godfrey.

Using less space, time, effort, and paper, while offering smooth, streamlined processes enable the agents to work smarter for their clients and consumers as well as preserving the environment. That is just what Godfrey had plans to do in opening this brainchild back in July—she and her management team plan to continue to offer her agents and consumers a streamlined way of doing business in an effort to make such an important purchase much simpler and stress free. 

This mobile strategy empowers the agents to provide these things for their consumers at a higher rate of return than ever in the past. Yes, that means agents will earn higher compensations. Although the current focus for some agents is to work hard to consolidate their “work office” into their “home office,” the agents see higher commission income paired with cutting-edge real estate tools to use a huge asset.

The main theme here- change is inevitable. And change is good. Anticipate real estate modifications across the Triad, all over NC and throughout the country, as real estate practitioners begin to do this over the next several years.  For now, the new office concept stands out and we aim to rise to the top. 

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