Friday, February 4, 2011

A Tribute to Glad Roy

The CBTR team will miss you!

Wow, what a lady Glad Roy is! She just spent 24+ years as the new homes marketing coordinator, among other things, originating with Hubbard Realty but finishing with Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors. I have had the privilege to spend only one of those years with her but in that short amount of time I have learned many life lessons from her. I know those who have spent more time with her could create an endless list of attributes which make this woman such a special person.

Beverly thanks Glad for her many dedicated years.

In the shadows of her professional character, her personal character shines through- actually though, I am not sure which shines the brightest.

Be dignified. Be a lady. Be strong. Be a woman. Be an eternal optimist. Be a Mother.  Be a Grandmother. Try your hardest and give life your best shot. Don’t cut yourself short. Dare to dream…and dream big! The only person, aside from God, who will make your dreams a reality is yourself, so what are you waiting for…get started!? Age is only a number and it recalculates daily so don’t let age stop you from learning new things! Be a good listener and ask questions.

Ellen, Glad and Aaron.

Glad learned to figure skate at the age of 60 and returned to the art of her youth with house and animal portraiture at the age of 70. Apparently she got bored with the things she was already super at, like playing tennis, so she wanted to add to her multitude of life’s passions. But one thing she cannot deny is her ability to leave a life long impression- not only through her water colors but also by just getting to know the humble soul who makes Glad.

Join us in celebrating Glad and her new chapter in life where she is sure to leave her lasting signature.

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