Wednesday, April 27, 2011

‘Timberlake Lodge’ at The Lake at Lissara is getting its final touches for Spring Parade

'Timberlake Lodge'

The Lake at Lissara, a 254-acre low-impact neighborhood endorsed by beloved American realist artist and designer Bob Timberlake, has many folks eagerly awaiting the Spring Parade of Homes, with the emerald green Lake Lissara and the Adirondack-style lodge complete with all the finishing touches.

Reminiscent of a secluded mountain cove, The Lake at Lissara is located off Shallowford and Conrad Roads in Lewisville, steps away from the Yadkin River.  Scenic Lake Lissara, 21.5 acres and 65 feet deep, is the largest private lake built in Forsyth County in over 80 years.  

Lissara has intrigued, captured and stimulated Timberlake’s creative heart, mind, and hand.  He, not only an artist and designer, but also a conservationist, has guided many aspects of the community.

Entrance Feature
Timberlake’s design influence can be seen in special details throughout the neighborhood such as in the entrance layout, street signs and the greatly anticipated ‘Timberlake Lodge.’ His portrayal of a simple life lived in North Carolina epitomizes Life Lived Well™ at Lissara.

The Lake at Lissara has an inviting, rustic atmosphere with winding roads and wooded lots, blended well into the preserved natural surroundings.  Streams are spanned by arched stone bridges constructed from granite quarried on-site and majestic night sky views are protected by the lighting practices of the International Dark Sky Association.

View of Pilot Mountain
Perpetual conservation easements preserve over 50 acres of common area, streams and wetlands. Picturesque walking trails will wrap around 3 miles of shoreline protected by natural buffers, where views from Pilot Mountain can be enjoyed and rustic sounds of wildlife liberate the hearts of those who love the outdoors. 

With over 100 cumulative years of developing experience, and the last six devoted to Lissara, the developers are ecstatic with the results of the intensive planning and efforts by their dedicated team.

“Our intent was to create a place unlike any in the Piedmont area- coming home to Lissara will convey the sense of escape and relaxation that a vacation home offers in a gorgeous setting, only 10 minutes from downtown Winston-Salem. We are gratified that 12 purchasers have found us and shared our enthusiasm for this special place, even before our grand opening,” relays Brant Godfrey, of Lissara Partners. 

The development will have a total of 100 lots with Townlands lot prices starting at $72,500, Woodlands lots starting at $90,000, and Lakelands lots starting at $200,000. Home prices will range from the $400s to over $1 million; currently there is a home for sale built by David Stenson priced at $639,900.  The sizes of the lots range, but if you are looking for an estate tract, The Estates at Lissara offers lots to suit, from three to 30 acres, priced from $35,000 to $65,000 per acre.

Lots can be sold to builders and home buyers who wish to build now or later, with no time limit to begin building.

A few of the details inside the 'Timberlake Lodge'
The community lodge is constructed of stone and recycled pine timbers clad with a local poplar-bark. A stone, floor-to-ceiling fireplace rising under heavily rafted eaves that support a vast twig chandelier warmly welcomes its visitors.

With a full kitchen and bar, residents may utilize the Timberlake Lodge to host events for nearly 200 guests. Residents can spend the afternoon at the lodge visiting with a neighbor or pass the day relaxing in a rocking chair. Owners can enjoy particularly impressive panoramas of Lake Lissara from the observation deck or while paddling a kayak or canoe. The boat dock is offered to homeowners for launching approved water craft.

Gaelic for “beautiful valley,” Lissara is named after the origin of the McMordie family, the landowners of the lake valley who migrated from the Lissara Townlands, County Down, Kilmore Parish, Northern Ireland.

The development is marketed exclusively by Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors.  For info regarding The Lake at Lissara, please contact the Lissara Marketing Group at 336-462-9160 or; for info regarding The Estates at Lissara, please contact Shannon Conrad at 336-399-9194 or

As proud sponsors of the Spring Parade of Homes, The Lake at Lissara welcomes visitors April 30, May 1 and May 7-8, Saturdays and Sundays, from 1-5 pm.

Directions: Take Highway 421 North, 
Exit 244. North toward Lewisville;  
left on Shallowford Road. 1 mile on the right.

Visit for lot and home availability and keep up with Lissara on Facebook.

Monday, April 25, 2011

What is

Scenario 1
You are house hunting on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and you ride up to a house that could be a perfect fit. You reach into the brochure box to find that it is empty. Uggh! You stop to think before you call the phone number on the yard sign (because you haven’t started working with a Realtor yet) and wonder if you should just avoid the call so you don’t get a sales pitch. You call anyway because you want the price and you want to see the inside. You get the agent’s voicemail. This leaves you with no brochure and no info from the agent.  You see the listing company’s website and try to find some info on your Smart Phone, just to get lost in the distortion between html and text. So you leave this great house without info, put your car in drive and check others out in the neighborhood on your way out.

Okay. Reality check.  If you were the buyer, would you be satisfied and likely to move forward with interest in this home or become frustrated and get distracted by other houses on your way home?  If you were the seller, what would you be thinking right about now? If you were the seller’s agent, would you be feeling the missed opportunity - for the seller, buyer and yourself?

Scenario 2
You are house hunting on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and you ride up to a house that could be a perfect fit. You reach into the brochure box to find that it is empty. Uggh! You call your Coldwell Banker Triad Realtor and she picks up the phone telling you she is with a client at the moment but she promises to get back with you after the showings. But for immediate info at your fingertips, she prompts you to visit on your Smart Phone to do a search for the property. She explains the difference with this ‘mini’ site versus most other websites, is it is designed to be viewed on Smart Phones for easy navigation instead of fighting through each disproportional screen and all the white space. And no App is needed. Your agent tells you to text her if you want to see it and she will schedule an appointment to meet you out there after her showings that day. You excitedly hang up to go to where you find not only the house but price,  interior photos, and just about all the details you would find in the full site,  You definitely find all the info you wanted to know to make your decision to text your CB Triad Realtor to say, yes, let’s meet at the house in 2 hours! We may be writing an offer!

In this scenario, the buyer doesn’t have to go home to look online or wait on the agent to search it.  They just type in right there at the property where they can search by the street address to find the one home out of 12,000+ homes listed on the site.  If the buyer wants to look up info on another listing up the street, they can search that as well or enter search criteria such as MLS number, price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, zip code as well as city. It even allows the consumer to view houses that are open the upcoming weekend.  Plus, the home in both the scenarios above wasn’t even listed with Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors. Yes, provides info on all homes listed in two MLS systems- not just our listings.

Whether you are the buyer, seller, or either of the agents, which scenario do you prefer? makes a buyer’s life as they are house-hunting much easier when “on the go” and lets sellers and agents rest assured opportunities like this are rarely missed.  Test it out today! And next time you head out without your Realtor to house hunt, be sure to set your screen to!

Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors strives to continue to provide the best tools and technology to its customers, clients and agents while providing the same great service. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Honoring Awards; Godfrey Speaks on Change

It was a beautiful, sunny day for Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors 14th Annual Awards Celebration held at High Point Country Club. Agents, staff and management gathered to recognize Sales Associates and staff for their accomplishments for 2010.

Beverly Godfrey, CBTR President & CEO
Beverly Godfrey, CB Triad President and CEO, delivered a power-packed speech on how to exponentially increase the probability of success and to keep off the downward slope of decline by taking advantage of tools CBTR provides.  Godfrey, with great optimism, reemphasized the changes CBTR has embraced, focusing on how technology has entered the real estate industry. 

“We’ve jumped to that new curve. We are mobile agents. We can work from anywhere. The best thing about what we have done is we still have a foot hold on the old curve while we learn the new one. We haven’t fundamentally changed who we are, our culture or the values we possess. Our Credo and principles of great service to each other, our clients and customers are as important as ever while our ability to deliver that great service has only increased with each change we’ve made,” said Godfrey.

CBTR is recognized locally and nationally for implementing Document Manager and for utilizing innovative concepts and new technologies in opening their new café-style model in Burlington.

Diane Elder, Senior Business Consultant, Coldwell Banker Southern Region, presented the Chairman’s Circle award to Godfrey, telling the group that CBTR is 1 of only 48 companies worldwide to earn this award.