Monday, July 25, 2011

Tired of the heat? Try this

Guilford-Mackintosh Marina
I love to kayak but sometimes it isn’t a practical and spontaneous hobby.  To satisfy my craving to get in the water and go for a paddle, yesterday I hopped in the car with very little water-proofing and snack preparation, for a quick 15-20 minute drive from downtown Greensboro.

Destination: Lake Mackintosh at the Guilford-Mackintosh Marina. This mainly serves the eastern side of the Triad but is totally worth travelling to.

I knew it was going to be hot when I got there but was quickly cooled down by the breeze across my face and dipping my feet in the water.  Out on the water, though it warm, it was very manageable and quite invigorating. Of course I took precaution, reapplying sunscreen every 15 minutes.  

I had the water entirely to myself on a Sunday afternoon. For two and a half hours I had total aquatic freedom. The whole time I was there I saw only one other kayaker and a man fishing in a canoe. There were a few people fishing off the lake shore but that was all.

Rock Quarry at
Guilford-Mackintosh Marina
I revisited the cove that opens to the rock quarry and got lost in my thoughts, coming out of the cove refreshed.  Later, I spotted a doe and her fawn drinking at the shoreline, protected from the heat of the sun by the shade of the trees.  At that moment, the fisherman I mentioned in his canoe, passed at the moment the doe took off and ran. The fawn had already jumped back into the woods but was still lingering close to the shoreline intrigued. Several turtles popped their heads back under the water and swam away from the unfamiliar.  A few ducklings were lingering around and a grey heron searched for its next meal.

Sun shining down, water beneath me…ahhh, total bliss.

I am not sure what blew me away the most- having all these activities at my fingertips with opportunity to have many more experiences like this or just how many people passed this up because they stayed in to avoid the heat.

I mean, yes it was blistering.  I understand it was hot, especially when my car’s thermometer consistently registered 100 degrees all the way home and when later I saw a picture on Facebook of someone who fried an egg on a tree stump.

I have been to the park many times but am still blown away by all the things to do and at such little cost! They offer canoe and kayak rentals for a 4 hour time frame or for a full day (I paid $8 for 4 hours). There are hiking and biking trails, an awesome volleyball court, plenty of tables with grills close by, at a first come first serve basis. They also have a covered shelter that can be rented. Within their guidelines, boating is allowed out there. And of course, the previously mentioned wildlife is amazing to watch.

Next time you want to change up your ‘playtime’ I strongly recommend revisiting or trying out Guilford-Mackintosh Marina. Guilford County and the surrounding Triad boasts many very pleasurable parks.  Yesterday I chose this one because it offers kayak rentals, it was close to home and the price was right. 

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