Monday, August 29, 2011

Corporal Poske Recommended for Achievement Medal

Corporal Poske

Poske is the son of Kernersville Branch Manager, Sunni Lauten

Corporal William Poske was enthusiastically recommended for the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for Professional Achievement in the superior performance of his duties while serving as squad leader. His efforts directly contributed to the overall success of his company while deployed to Afghanistan.

While his squad came under fire, Corporal Poske acted quickly to determine the point of origin of machine gun fire and direct his Marines’ machine gun fire onto the target. He exposed himself to enemy fire multiple times to redistribute ammunition to his teams and check for injuries. Cpl Poske’s cool head and courageous conduct enabled his squad to effectively suppress the enemy.

Corporal Poske led his squad to establish a vital observation post to provide much-needed observation and fire support. En route he picked up communications of a planned ambush, redirected his squad to avoid the enemy’s ambush, and established the observation post. Poske’s leadership enabled his company to push patrols out further than before, effectively preventing the enemy from placing an IED belt around the patrol base and generally disrupted enemy freedom of movement.

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