Thursday, September 1, 2011

What can you do to help with a smooth and speedy closing?

Melanie Troutman 
 Coldwell Banker Mortgage
Today is the first day that conventional loans will be using the new UAD appraisal form. In addition, USDA is back to a full capacity with a 5-7 day turn around ONCE THE FILE GOES BACK TO USDA FOR FINAL APPROVAL. VA appraisals and documentation are taking a VERY LONG TIME.

What can you do to help with a smooth and speedy closing?
Glad you asked! The industry has experienced some delays in the past few months are here are some things that can help prevent them.

*  ENCOURAGE your buyer to bring all income/asset documentation to the initial application interview. If the buyer is self-employed or commissioned, we'll want to see the tax returns for the previous two years. We can send these documents to an income analysis underwriter so we can determine accurate income with NO SURPRISES!


*  Provide a completely executed contract with all addendums as soon as possible. Make sure that if you have checked off that an addendum is attached that it really is attached.

*  Make sure that buyer's agent has SIGNED the FHA/VA addendum, not just a printed name (when applicable)

*  If this is a VA, USDA or FHA loan and the property has well and septic, please let us know right away so we can confirm that it meets guidelines.

*  If anyone other than the owner of the property signs the contract for the seller, please provide documentation that person has authority to sign the contract.

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