Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yard Sale for Newborns In Need 'Thank You'

In September, our Greensboro office hosted a yard sale for Newborns In Need. For those who attended as well as participated*, your presence, kindheartedness and generosity helped support newborns who are in great need.  We all make a difference together. 

"I just wanted to send a big "THANK YOU" to all of you in the preparation of the yard sale this past Saturday.  The yard sale was a success and we were able to sell almost everything.  At the last minute, we had a customer purchase everything that was left, which was a blessing. I could not have done the yard sale without the help of  the wonderful volunteers.  I know many of you could not be there on Saturday but were able to help in the  planning, organizing, pricing of items, and the donation of goods for the sale.  All of these activities helped to make the yard sale a success.  I thank you again for all that you do and I know the money made from the sale will allow us to continue to provide for those babies in great need.



Tamara Chapman is the Chapter Director for Newborns In Need

*If you donated any items, a receipt for tax purposes can be provided. Please contact Michelle at 336-282-4414.

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