Friday, November 4, 2011

As Winter Approaches- Save Energy, Save Money

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As we saw in Northeasterly weather patterns this past weekend, winter is quickly approaching.   Keep some extra green in your pocket for the holidays as we give you some green tips to keep your home heated efficiently…

1)      Seal those cracks: double-check that all of your doors’ and windows’ weather-stripping is still in tact—crucial in eliminating drafts.
2)      Sweep that chimney: nobody wants to tarnish Santa’s suit or their position on the ‘Nice List,’ so take ten minutes to make sure that any smoke billowing out of your cozy fire this winter is heading out of your house!
3)      Service the Furnace: an efficiently running furnace is essential for an efficiently heated home.  Be proactive— a $10 part now could alleviate a $100 repair later.
4)      Insulate: whether you were rummaging through your attic during spring cleaning or your neighboring furry little friends were this past winter, chances are that some insulation has been knocked loose.  Take a quick peek around your air ducts and insulated spaces to make sure you’re heating bill is worth its warmth.

~Jordan Schwall

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