Monday, January 30, 2012

What's Behind The Blue Door of Real Estate?

What's Behind The Blue Door of Real Estate at Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors?

Some may ask, what is The Blue Door? 

The Blue Door is everything real estate....and it's only at Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors.

Come to The Blue Door to get to know our Trusted Agents who hold themselves accountable to Our Credo. Learn about our offices and company culture through our vision and history. Get to know the Triad area communities by county,  have any relocation questions answered or concerns addressed through The Blue Door.

Come to The Blue Door to Understand the Tools We Use - get tips and links for buying and selling real estate. Search for and save the property you have been looking for by interactive map or by monthly payment. Search open houses, new listings, corporate and premier homes. Understand what it means when Coldwell Banker exclusively (no other real estate company does this!) offers you Buyer & Seller Services Guarantees, and same-day loan approval with Coldwell Banker Mortgage.

Come to The Blue Door to connect with a TEAM to help you make Smarter Decisions. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Denise McGahan - Burlington-Alamance Realtor of the Year!

Denise McGahan

Denise McGahan of Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors was named Realtor of the Year by the Burlington-Alamance Association of Realtors for 2011.

“With so many awesome Realtors in our community that I respect and admire, it is truly an honor to me to be named Realtor of the Year by our association. What a surprise,” said Denise.

Denise has been in the real estate industry since 1994 and she is currently the Broker-In-Charge for Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors café style office in Burlington.

The Realtor of the Year award is given to honor those Realtors who have provided outstanding service to the association and have demonstrated a commitment to serving their peers as well as their community.

This year Denise is the President-Elect of the Burlington-Alamance Association of Realtors where she will become the President in 2013. She served as President in 2009 as well and is the only person who has been voted in twice as President.

“I enjoy interacting with Realtors in and around the market and am committed to our buyers and sellers in the Alamance area.  I truly take this role as President seriously- I am accountable to my Burlington peers who have entrusted me again with this honor and role,” said Denise.

 In 2010, in conjunction with the Burlington-Alamance Association, Denise volunteered to help build a Habitat for Humanity home for a local family. She does fundraising for the association’s Burnout Victims Fund, which assists Alamance County residents who have suffered a house fire. Denise also helps with various fundraising efforts, such as through golf tournaments and motorcycle riding to assist those who have serious illness. In addition, her office is dedicated to collecting food to help Loaves and Fishes keep their pantry filled.

“We have a very unique office with a traditional, yet tech savvy way of doing business so everyday something different happens in our office. This business is full of excitement and uncertainty, so I try to look for the fun in everything that comes our way. I am committed to handling things the right way, with integrity, both personally and professionally. Finding the humor in things helps maintain consistency, relieves a little stress and keeps the energy level high in the office. It keeps my energy level high,” laughed Denise.

Contact Denise McGahan today to congratulate her for her accomplishments with the association in 2011!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Way to Go, Ed Stafford!

Ed Stafford

Ed Stafford of Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors was named Realtor of the Year as well as the Broker/Owner/Manager of the Year by the High Point Regional Association of Realtors (HPRAR) for 2011.

“The High Point association is filled with excellent Realtors and that is what makes it such a competitive market. It is a real honor to be recognized among them as a quality Realtor,” said Ed.

Ed, a second generation Realtor who obtained his license during his senior year at High Point College, has been listing, selling and building real estate for the past 38 years.

The Realtor of the Year award is given to honor those Realtors who have provided outstanding service to the HPRAR, the state and national associations as well as to their community. The Broker/Owner/Manager of the Year award is given to recognize one who leads by example in support and service to the association, the real estate industry and the community.

 “My parents were honest and positive people from whom I received a sense of belonging. I am fortunate to have had them model a loving, ethical life before me, which helped me develop a good attitude and work ethic. I am married to an awesome school teacher, Denise, who is beautiful, wise and feisty. I depend on my loving and supportive wife and family as well as lean on my faith in a living God who helps me each day to be a better person. As a result, I do my best to maintain a positive attitude and stay hopeful in finding a way through whatever is thrown at me each day,” said Ed.

Ed has been a member of HPRAR for 20 years, has served on its Board of Directors (‘93-‘96; 2010-‘13) as well as led the association as the President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. Ed was awarded the Broker/Owner/Manager of the Year for HPRAR also in 2006. He has been an instructor for Code of Ethics training to new and existing Realtors (‘96-2011) and has served on committees for HPRAR such as Community Service, Finance, Equal Opportunity and Grievance, where currently he is the Chairman (2010-‘12). Ed also volunteers his time each year to teach new members during orientation and has served as a Director of the Triad Multiple Listing Service.

In addition, his Coldwell Banker Triad office in High Point raises money for the American Cancer Society as well as collects Toys for Tots in conjunction with the Marine Corp. Ed serves as an Elder at Gate City Vineyard Christian Fellowship, where he leads small groups in ministry, serves communion and occasionally preaches.  He also teaches and shares at the House of Prayer, which is a recovery ministry in High Point.

One agent said of Ed that he has “displayed and projected an attitude of optimism during this economic period which has lifted the spirits of the agents and helped them to perform. I am inspired by him.”

“I like to operate under ‘The Golden Rule’ by doing unto others as you would have them do to you. I believe by treating others fairly, it will return to you. I also try to encourage people to bring out the best in others and in turn, you will be encouraged. This is similar to what Robert Louis Stevenson said ‘Look for the best in others and give the best you have.’ I truly like the people I work with and enjoy encouraging them to overcome life’s difficulties and succeed,” Ed continued.

Contact Ed Stafford today to congratulate him for his achievements with the HPRAR in 2011.