Friday, March 23, 2012

What makes a house a home?

Home. It's where the little things become the most important, and those moments become magical.

At Coldwell Banker, we are focusing on what truly makes a house a home.  Michael Fischer, our Chief Marketing Officer, shares what home means to him in The Value of a Home.  In it he also lets us know what's upcoming to see (and hear...Tom Selleck!) from Coldwell Banker. There couldn't be a better time than now for us to really consider what makes a 'house,' home.

At the end of the day, home is what matters most to us - it is the journey we take and the memories we create that makes our lives what they are. Sometimes it is easiest to 'get home' when we daydream back to those memories...or daydream about the day they will come. This video, 'The Value of a Home,' epitomizes what we want to get home to - those special moments that we all work hard for.

So,  here's to all the things that make a house a home (thanks Coldwell Banker!).

For me, it's all about being with family...and being outside - in the garden with dirt beneath my feet, kicking the soccer ball with the kiddos, the smell of grilled cheesburgers waiting to be eaten, and an occasional 4-wheeler ride near the pond (maybe later I will post the video :0).

Pause a few seconds to take a look and comment - if this was your home video, what magical moments would you share from behind your Blue Door?


Anonymous said...

Some of my magical moments that come to mind would include, coming home to an awesome meal after a hard days work and having it saturated in conversation about the events of our day. Front porch swinging with the love of my life. Sharing holidays with family and friends. Campfires and stargazing. Reading and praying before a good nights sleep. Garden planting and watching my son learn more about the world around us through the most simple things in life... These are just a few of the moments that I feel make a house a home and home is where the heart truely is!

E. Castelda said...

For many, the new campaign helps us remember 'the simple things' in life and the greatness in them. Just as watching children learn & grow, it is so refreshing to gain new insight from their perspectives.

Jsherman said...

I love this video!  I so agree with the sentiment that a home has priceless value. When I go home it hits me in my driveway  as I go deep into the woods now filled with flowering dogwood and redbud trees. Every morning when I walk the dogs I see a new flower peeping up out of the ground, they are so cheerful it is af if these buds are saying It's spring and hello world. Enjoying some red wine on the screen porch watching the turtles sunbathe and the geese  on the lake. Home is the only place that could ever be so peaceful and soul fullfilling. We may have bought a house but we have built a home with thousands of wonderful memories.

Elizabeth Castelda said...

Here's to pets, backyards & red wine!

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