Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tech Tips Behind The Blue Door

I had to grab this from Aaron's blog to share with you... excellent tips- thanks Aaron!

iPad / iPhone Top Apps

I do not have an iPhone or iPad so i asked for help with this list.

1. App Start for iPad (I was told a must have for every new iPad owner helps figure out what to do with this thing.)
2. App Advice News (Another must have.)
3. Sirius XM - (Satellite Radio)
4. Netflix
5. Pandora (streaming music)
6. ABC Player
7. HBO
8. NBC
9. 1 Password (Password Manager)
10. Facebook
11. RunKeeper
12. TMZ
13. JustNot Scanner Pro
14. LightTrac
15. Sound Note
17. iWork (cant just play all the time need some productivity)
18. Yelp
19. Flipboard
20. Paypal
21. World Card
22. hipmunk (travel planner)
23. IMDb (movies)
24. Slideshark
25. Open Table

Of course you can just browse the app store and find just about anything you would want but maybe this can get you started.

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