Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Get your Kimtag

QR code that serves as a hub for
all CB Triad social connections

How sweet is this?

I dare you to take 5 minutes of your time & go to Kimtag.com right now. If you are asking why, you didn't scan this QR code or link to it.

Kimtag is a connection hub- it provides you with a single web and mobile address, as well as a QR code for all your social networks, blogs, websites and other connections. You can even include a short bio, provide a phone number and your physical address which displays a Google Map.

Try it now and happy connecting!

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P. P. S. Thanks to Terry Watson for the tip(s)!


Aaron D. Wood said...

Very useful for everyone, easy way to have one place for someone to follow you everywhere.

Elizabeth Castelda said...

Totally agree Aaron, having a kimtag is like having 1 business card for all ways to contact you (web & physical & phone). Except it's interactive...and easier to find than a business card.