Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1 - Official Start to Hurricane Season

Grocery shopping...check. Graduation present for your cousin Randy...check. Mow the yard...check. Hurricane preparation ....check that later.

Today is the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season and the end of Hurricane Preparedness Week so the timing is just right to devise or revise your safety plan.

Taking action to prepare for a hurricane might be one of the least favorite tasks on your to-do list,  but could be time better spent than lounging on the couch...dreading your list...putting off today what you know you should do, at some point...and soon  Being proactive can save you more in the long possibly saving your house or even a loved one.

It is strongly recommended to get prepared before a storm as well as know what to do during and after one.  The National Hurricane Center provides great insight in this guide to help you prepare your family and home for hurricane season, which includes:
  • Tips to being ready before, during and after a storm.  
  • Suggested items for an Emergency Supply Kit 
  • What to include in your Family Emergency Plan
  • Items to take to a shelter 
How do you protect yourself, family, pets and home during hurricane season?

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