Friday, August 24, 2012

What's the Difference? History. Experience. Global.

What's Behind The Blue Door? 
Coldwell Banker Previews International®

Through the Previews International® luxury home sales program, Coldwell Banker has represented an impressive array of the world's most fabulous real estate.

The exclusive group of luxury certified Coldwell Banker Previews Property Specialists make up approximately eight percent of Coldwell Banker® sales professionals worldwide. These specialists have participated in more than 13,500 transaction sides of homes priced at $1million or more in 2011.

“There is a reason why Coldwell Banker sells, on average, more than $70 million in luxury homes every day,” said Michael Fischer, chief marketing officer, Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. “Our certified Previews luxury specialists routinely represent some of the world’s most prestigious properties. This new campaign is a testament to their success.”

This new campaign Fischer speaks of has recently been launched by Coldwell Banker, highlighting the efforts of Henderson Talbot, a real estate entrepreneur from the 1930s. Talbot was one of the first to market real estate beyond his local area, redefining luxury real estate marketing. He captured prized estate homes on film and held exclusive gatherings for affluent buyers to “preview” these homes as cinema.

That ingenuity inspired the “Previews” name and establishment dating back to 1933. Acquired by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation in 1980, this luxury home marketing program continues to build its success through the Coldwell Banker Previews International® program.  The “Previews” name holds true today, as video and high-end photography have emerged as essential sales tools for luxury real estate properties.

Coldwell Banker Previews - History is the difference. Experience is the difference. Global is the difference. Take a look at our video and upgraded Previews website – As a luxury home buyer, seller, or Realtor, how do you see our new campaign and website as more beneficial and in-tune with the market demands? 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is there a marketing strategy for economic obsolescence?

Has an image like this caught your attention while looking online or flipping through a magazine? 

Pretty powerful first impression, huh?
This head-turner is part of a marketing strategy used by Mike McMullen with our Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors office in Burlington, to sell 'highest-and-best use.'  These are Mike's remarks: 

"There is nothing wrong with this listing that a bulldozer can't fix. Even the tax card says Economic Obsolescence. Home has no value. But we do have three nice lots being sold as a package with a total of 157 ft. of road frontage by 192 Ft deep. The area contains many multi-family homes and lots would make an ideal site for new multi-family construction."
This image not  the actual MLS sheet, meant only as 
representation. Click here for a better view of the photos.

Would you rather see the front of the home (below), make an appointment to visit the home because it is a smokin' deal, but later see wood rot, roof damage, plaster removed and a crumbling foundation - OR - would you rather know all this info up front? 

"The tax card says 'economic obsolescence' - this is the first time I had seen this on a tax card. This is how the idea came to me because the house is not habitable and not cost effective to renovate," said Mike.

 If Mike had used the traditional marketing strategy, it could be costing his client extended time on the market and lower offers. But instead, he used this 'outside-the-box' marketing strategy. He has answered many emails and calls from investors, builders and Realtors inquiring about the property. 
So, what do you think of Mike's approach? What are some other "outside-the-box" approaches to a marketing plan you found successful or you would like to see a Realtor use in their marketing strategy to sell your home?

If you want a better look at the cartoon or the survey, I'm sure Mike will be glad to send you the listing. :-)

Contact him today!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Windows 7 remove those duplicate files on my hard drive.

Windows 7 remove those duplicate files on my hard drive.

Duplicate files can be a real nuisance to the organization of your PC. They take up unnecessary room, and can be a headache when trying to find the right version. This tip will take you through how to delete these files and take the power back from your clogged up hard drive.

It’s simpler than you might think to get rid of duplicate files, and doesn’t even require you to download external software.

To get started hold the windows button on the keyboard and hit “F” at the same time.

Search bar

This will open the search program. Type in the file that you suspect to be duplicated. On the toolbar, click “views” and then “details”.

Scroll down the list and look for files with the same name. If the date modified is the same in two that appear to be the same then the chances are that you can delete one of them.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Here's to Giving Back

Giving back to our community is an important aspect of life, not only for the real estate professional but for all of us. It helps keep us aware, in touch and available to serve the needs of others. When you click through these images and as you read on, you will see life in a way that is so difficult for many to understand. No matter how near or far, it shows how important community helping hands are.

Can you imagine being sick and walking 30 kilometers (about 18 1/2 miles) to see a doctor? The Massai people of Nairobi, Africa have been accustomed to this and are in great need of medical help.

One of our agents, Rodney Ashby, has been actively working with foreign missionaries around the world since 1983. About 3 years ago, Rodney, his wife, Liz and daughter, Rebecca began to visit the Massai villages in Nairobi.

Understanding the magnitude of their need stimulated the Ashby’s into action.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

HARP and Other Home Refinancing Options

Melanie Troutman
Coldwell Banker Mortgage
The housing bubble of 2008 placed many homeowners in an underwater position where mortgage balances greatly exceeded a home’s actual market value. In response to these conditions, the federal government started the HomeAffordable Refinance Program, or HARP. 

And while HARP provides a convenient option for homeowners stuck with underwater mortgages, some homeowners may not be eligible for the program. Fortunately, there are other refinancing options available for those who don’t qualify for the Home Affordable Refinance Program.

HARP Refinancing

Homeowners unable to obtain financing due to a drop in home value may want to consider the HARP as a refinancing option. The effects of the housing bubble and resulting drops in home value left many homeowners paying considerably more in mortgage payments than before. This happened in cases where mortgage contract terms involved interest-only payment options or balloon payment arrangements.

The Home Affordable Refinance Program is designed to make mortgage payments more affordable while setting homeowners up in stable mortgage contracts. Refinancing through HARP involves an application process and underwriting review process. Applicants must also pay refinancing fees.

In order to qualify for HARP refinancing, applicants must meet the following requirements:
· Homeowners must be current on their mortgage payments and show a 12 month history of timely payments made
· Existing mortgages must be underwritten through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac
· Existing mortgages must have been sold no later than May 31, 2009
· HARP requires a loan-to-value (amount owed vs. actual market value) ratio of 80 percent or more.

FHA Refinancing Options

FHA refinancing options may come in handy for homeowners who can’t qualify for HARP refinancing because they’ve built up considerable equity in their home. Homeowners with existing FHA- or VA-backed mortgages loans can easily qualify for FHA financing provided they are current on their monthly mortgage payments.

The FHA actually has a streamlining process that allows homeowners with existing FHA or VA mortgages to qualify for refinancing without going through the usual credit score checks, appraisal process or proof of employment requirement. Borrowers can qualify for FHA refinancing as long as they have remained current on their mortgage payments for the past 6 months, with a limit of one late payment within the past 12 months.

With FHA loans, homeowners can finance as much as 96.5 percent of the existing mortgage amount. Lenders also lump the mortgage insurance premium costs in with the total loan amount. So, an FHA refinance can convert a mortgage with 20 years left to pay into a new 30-year loan. By doing so, homeowners can considerably lower their existing interest rates.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moving Right Along

Helen Nagy
Director of Relocation
MOVE. What does this word mean to you?

Maybe you are trying to “move” towards a healthier lifestyle and you recognize the value of this word as a call to action by walking or jogging to try to burn more calories…

Maybe you’d love to change careers and are looking for a career "move.” This would be taking a calculated step to gain an objective: a new position with more challenge and potential!

Or, maybe you are thinking about (or have recently experienced) a physical “move” or relocation to the Triad from another part of the country…

Have you always lived in the same place all of your life?  I’m Helen Nagy, Director of Relocation and you will hear more from me in future blog posts. 

Here is my story…

Our family has lived in 5 different states: Michigan, California, Massachusetts, Indiana and now in the beautiful state of North Carolina. Each place has unique memories and special friends that will always be a part of our lives.  Don’t get me wrong, these times were not without stress and strife as we moved two young boys from place to place. But as I look back on each adventure, I feel that when all of us were exposed to new places, people and cultures we were very fortunate.  Without a doubt the need to be extroverted has helped shape my sons into the men that they have become. They understand what it means to be accepting of others and truly enjoy the excitement of meeting new people and making new friends.    And, in my role as Director of Relocation for our company, it is a pleasure for me to talk to others who are going through this “life” event. 

Whether it is due to a job transfer, family situation or just choosing a wonderful place to retire, relocation will mean a big change for you and your family. Our CBTR Relocation Services Department can help! We work directly with our five sales offices across the Triad located in Winston-Salem, Kernersville, High Point, Greensboro and Burlington. We have 85 certified relocation agents across the Triad to assist you with your move.

We are the only Principal broker for CARTUS Relocation in the Triad. In addition, we are proud to be the preferred broker for the USAA MoversAdvantage program in our area.

Please contact us today if we can assist you in either buying or selling your home. We can also help you with your needs in areas all across the United States because of our broker partnerships.

Remember, if a move “anywhere” is on your mind, let Coldwell Banker Triad Relocation Services help you find the answers and assistance you need. You will be glad you did. 

We'll help you get moving right along.