Thursday, August 9, 2012

Here's to Giving Back

Giving back to our community is an important aspect of life, not only for the real estate professional but for all of us. It helps keep us aware, in touch and available to serve the needs of others. When you click through these images and as you read on, you will see life in a way that is so difficult for many to understand. No matter how near or far, it shows how important community helping hands are.

Can you imagine being sick and walking 30 kilometers (about 18 1/2 miles) to see a doctor? The Massai people of Nairobi, Africa have been accustomed to this and are in great need of medical help.

One of our agents, Rodney Ashby, has been actively working with foreign missionaries around the world since 1983. About 3 years ago, Rodney, his wife, Liz and daughter, Rebecca began to visit the Massai villages in Nairobi.

Understanding the magnitude of their need stimulated the Ashby’s into action.

Missionaries Danny and Chrissy Bass have a heart for the people of Kenya who often lack any medical care. They shared their vision to build medical clinics throughout the country and then partnered with churches in Kenya and the United States.

Working with their missionaries in Nairobi, BUSES International, Samaritan's Purse, local U.S. and Kenyan churches, and many generous individuals allowed them to open 8 permanent medical clinics and one hospital in Nairobi.

“During our trip this past spring we had the privilege of walking through the new hospital in Nairobi and helping to open a new, permanent medical clinic in Meru. It is amazing what God can do with people who are willing to give,” said Rodney.

The hospital is a permanent addition to their already existing orphanage, school and feeding center, where about 1,000 children are fed and taught every day.

“Last year we sent a 40’ container filled with medical supplies and equipment, such as an x-ray machine and ultra-sound machine. The equipment came from a Cleveland, Ohio hospital that closed. Samaritan’s Purse sent 7 pallets of medical supplies. Individuals and churches donated the other medical supplies that filled the container. Safely packing the equipment and supplies and shipping the container to Nairobi was a huge challenge—but we did it! After unloading the equipment and supplies, the missionaries used the container itself to house a clinic,” Rodney said.

These permanent medical clinics will help the Massai people lead healthier lives. They now receive health instruction from these clinics that helps educate parents on ways to prevent disease and care for their sick children. Three of the medical clinics already have feeding programs established.

Whether it has benefited your neighbor next door, or someone you don’t know in another town or country, what are some ways you have seen other’s lives greatly impacted through the works of another human being?

Remember to click through this presentation to see the gratefulness shining through some of these smiles….and while you are there, enjoy the Amsterdam tulips in full bloom!

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