Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Are you the 73%?

Whether you are in the real estate market to buy, sell or just daydream about your next home, video marketing, which uniquely accentuates the home, is in high demand.

73% of home sellers want their Realtor to use video marketing when selling their home and 12% of Realtors have YouTube accounts.

At Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors, we are the 12% who embrace video marketing - we have a local YouTube Channel as well as On Location, the Coldwell Banker national channel. We not only recommend using video marketing to our agents but we embrace it.

Aerial videography showcase some of the best features of a particular home or estate that cannot be captured by words or photography alone.

Take a look at this video - contact us today (336-748-5348) if you are in the market to sell your home and wish to have a listing video such as this done on your home. Click for more property information.

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