Thursday, April 3, 2014

Do You Have a Plan?

A Message From the Coach's Daughter, Jodi Tate

What did you accomplish first quarter 2014? Evaluate successes and challenges, stay focused and take action second quarter!  Making money and better still generating strong profit is critical to me in 2014.

I encourage everyone to do less better April - June. What is on your agenda this month, next month, etc...? Do you go through your day one meeting to the next without prioritizing?  A goal is something you want to achieve, while a priority is something completed. Are your priorities at the end of the day what you wanted?

I ask all these questions because we all want success but often do not have a plan. We also get comfortable when perhaps change would be beneficial.  Business leaders have to stay ahead of their business and their industry to have stellar success. Making hard decisions is part of that process.

Do you feel passionate about what you do? That comes across loud and clear to those around you! Do you need to revisit what drew you to your business to capture that excitement again?

All these questions revolve around a common theme. You must plan and prepare vigorously to reach success. No flying by the seat of your pants. You must embrace change to reach success. It is the one certainty we can count on. And finally, you must find joy in what you do to reach success. Without joy and gratitude, success means nothing! 

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