Monday, December 22, 2014

Home Tip of the Day: A Must-Do Before Heading out on Vacation

While away from home, we have all had those nightmares of having left the front door unlocked or of the power going off and all of our leftovers melting in the freezer.  But, there’s one thing that vacationers don’t always think of before they leave home.  To avoid coming home to a home improvement project, take care of this must-do before heading out on vacation.

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Victoria Lee

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Blog

Coldwell Banker, Triad believes in the magic of home, especially around the holidays. From our home to yours, we wish you a truly wonderful holiday season full of friends, family, and loved ones. 

Check out some of these great gift and home decorating ideas, along with new ideas for family traditions!

#1: How does Santa Claus get into a house without a chimney? Blue Matter has the answer! Check out this blog post to learn about a new tradition that can be started this year with your family.

#2: Needing gift ideas for friends and family? Check out these 15 super sweet homemade Holiday gift ideas! They can be found here!

#3: How to Decorate Like a Christmas Elf on a Budget is a great blog post with many ideas on how to add the Holiday spirit to your home without breaking the present fund!

#4: Have you or someone you know moved recently? Check out this blog post featuring sentimental Christmas gifts for someone who just moved!

#5: Looking for a creative way to fill your stockings this year? Check out the blog post: Stocking Stuffers for Every Room in the House to get some great ideas!

Written by Kayla Hott with Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors

Monday, December 15, 2014

Home Tip of the Day: A Quick and Inexpensive Refresh for Your Bathroom

When you get ready to sell your home, you often start to view the house through the eyes of a stranger.  You start to ask yourself questions like, “What would I think of this bathroom if I didn’t live here?”  Unfortunately, we can’t all afford to make major updates to our home before putting it on the market, but sometimes, small updates can make a big difference in the resale potential of your home.
Today’s Home Tip of the Day shares an easy way to refresh your bathroom without an expensive remodel.

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By Victoria Lee

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

10 Pieces of Valuable Info to Gather Before You Sell Your Home

The real estate process is chock full of information. I feel like more information is exchanged in a real estate transaction than on a national security background check. But before you even put that “for sale” sign in the front yard, there’s some information you need to put together that will help you get that home ready to be sold.
We talked with Sally Isom with Coldwell Banker Collins-Maury in Memphis, TN who has a handy list of 10 pieces of valuable info that you need to have together before you sell your home.
  1. Gather your receipts for improvements and repairs – This is excellent information that will help you fill out your State Property Disclosure and will also disclose any repairs made to the property. Your Property Disclosure is an opportunity to show buyers the extensive improvements that have been made to your home.
  2. HOA rules and regulations – Have a copy of your Home Owner’s Association Rules and Regs so this can easily be shared with interested buyers or provide buyers and their agents with a link to the HOA website for up to date info.
  3. Mortgage documentation and info about any Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) – When you obtain a contract on your home, the closing office will need all of the information about your mortgage and any additional loans on the property (mortgage company name, loan #s, etc.).
  4. A 1-page home “brag sheet” – List any improvements you have made to your home whether major or minor including redesigns of rooms, new flooring, bathroom updates or anything else that you can “brag” about your home.
  5. Warranty information – If any major improvements have warranties this could be very desirable to a buyer.  For example windows with lifetime warranty or a roof with a 25 year warranty.
  6. Provide your Realtor with details about outdoor features – Pool, landscaping, irrigation systems, outdoor kitchens, fireplace, etc. These items have become very important to buyers and the more information they are given, the more excited they get about your home.
  7. Tell the story of your neighborhood – The neighborhood website, walking trails, etc. In Memphis there is special neighborhood called High Point Terrace that has a street called Aurora Circle and Mimosa.  Theses treets have hosted the 4th of July parade for decades and even have their own “mayor.”  Everyone wants to live on these streets because of this, so make sure tell the story of your street.
  8. Remember how it felt when you first bought your home – You wanted as much information about the home as possible.  Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and try to provide as much documentation as possible.
  9. If you are having trouble remembering any issues or repairs made to your home, walk through each room – A tour of each room and the exterior will help you remember any changes and repairs or issues that have come up while you lived there. If you have had any Homeowner’s Insurance claims, be sure and provide all documentation to your Realtor.
  10. Always remember:  disclose, disclose, disclose – Be sure not to withhold any reports or information about your home. What may seem minimal to you may seem major to a buyer.  Oversharing is always good practice when selling your home!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Coldwell Banker Real Estate Home Listing Report Finds Henderson the Most Affordable and Chapel Hill the Most Expensive Markets in NC


(Winston-Salem, NC – December 4, 2014) Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC recently  released its 2014 Home Listing Report, which named Los Altos, Calif. as the most expensive market in the U.S. for the second time in 3 years. The average four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in the Silicon Valley market costs $1,963,100. This is six times the average in this report, $295,317, and 30 times the cost of a home in the country’s most affordable market, Cleveland, OH, which listed at $64,993.
The annual report is the most extensive home price comparison tool currently available in the United States, ranking the average listing price of four-bedroom, two-bathroom homes in nearly 2,000 markets. While other affordability reports provide average or median prices for all homes in a given area, the Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report analyzes more than 51,000 similar listings to better address how much a home in one market would cost if the same home were located somewhere else in the country.
The survey reviewed 69 real estate markets in North Carolina and found:
·         Henderson is the most affordable market in NC, where a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home costs an average of $144,113.
·         Chapel Hill was ranked as the most expensive where the same sized property costs an average of $401,765.
·         The average price for a four-bedroom, two bathroom home in NC is $228,430 compared to the national average of $295,317.

The Home Listings Report also provides data for each individual state in the country; full data for NC is available at The report covers many of the markets in the Triad: from the lowest to the highest average price - Winston-Salem ranked 44th in the state at $204,081; Kernersville was 37th at $209,921; High Point ranked 34th at $214,813; Greensboro was 29th at $222,657; and Clemmons ranked 8th at $279,310.

To be included in the report, markets were required to have a minimum of 10 four-bedroom, two-bathroom home listings between January and June 2014. Markets not included in this year’s ranking did not meet this requirement.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Congratulations November FastStart Graduates!

Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors announced its November graduating class of new Sales Associates. 

These agents have completed the FastStart and e-FastStart classes conducted by Jodi Tate, Director of Career Development and Coldwell Banker Triad Chief Operations Officer. Tate is a national senior trainer for Coldwell Banker University, an instructor for the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, and the National Association of Realtors.

Coldwell Banker has been recognized for the 5th straight year as one of the top 20 companies nationally in any industry for learning and leadership development, and Fast Start is a part of the award winning training program for new Sales Associates.

“It’s so rewarding to see a new group of sales agents emerge from Fast Start class as the new real estate professionals with the commitment and education to be successful in their chosen field. CB Triad continues its strong belief in providing the best educational opportunities for new and experienced Sales Associates throughout their careers,” said Tate.

New graduates are: Jordan Googe, Brianna Westmoreland, and Emily Parrott associated with the Winston-SalemBranch located at 285 S. Stratford Road 725-0506; Billy Bjorklund from the Kernersville Branch located at 1011 S. Main Street 996-3971; and Stephanie Long and Mary Ellen Feeney associated with the Greensboro Branch located at 1505 Westover Terrace 282-4414.

Since 1997 Coldwell Banker Triad, Realtors has been the premier provider of real estate services in Triad area markets with over 230 Sales Associates in 5 branches. CBTR provides complete real estate services, including residential and new home sales, commercial sales and leasing, relocation services, career development, and mortgage services through Coldwell Banker Mortgage. For more information, visit or on your smart phone.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Home Tip of the Day: Unexpected Items at Home You Should be Cleaning

Is your home as clean as you think it is?

What if we told you that your home may not be as clean as you think it is?  There may be a few items in your home that you’re neglecting to clean as often as you should.  For ideas on how to keep a tidy home, check out the Home Tip of the Day video below.

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By  Victoria Lee of Coldwell Banker Blue Matter