Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Get your home ready for spring with these cleaning & organization tips!

March is finally here. Although the weather hasn’t quite warmed up yet here in the Northeast, the promise of longer, sunnier days is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited! In addition to anticipating dining al fresco and sleeping with the windows open, spring is also a great time to re-organize your home and simplify the clutter. Here are some tips to get you ready to ring in the spring:
1. De-Clutter Your Closet
Winter clothing items like thick wool sweaters and puffy down jackets take up a ton of space. These storage solutions will ensure everything is neatly tucked away until next winter, and will free up lots of space for those breezy cotton dresses and lightweight jackets.
2. Say Bye-Bye to Blankets
While nothing beats cuddling up with a great movie on the couch on a cold winter day, you’ll likely be spending way more time outdoors once the weather warms up. A few throw blankets can add a nice touch of style to your living room, but keeping piles of heavy blankets all over can just make the room feel messy. Store your blankets in a stylish wicker basket - it looks decorative in your living room and allows you to keep them close by for an unseasonably cool day.
3. Wash Those Windows!
The winter weather can be rough on windows and glass doors. Cleaning them can make your home feel bright and airy again. Stock up on these great non-toxic cleaning products for your home to keep your household routine as natural as possible.
4. Don’t Forget The Great Outdoors
Spring cleaning isn’t reserved only for the interior of your home. The exterior may even need more TLC than the inside, since it’s been exposed to the elements for so many months. Consider hiring a lawn service to get your yard in tip-top shape, especially if you’re planning on putting your home on the market this spring. As we’ve mentioned previously on this blog, never underestimate the power of a well-maintained lawn!
How are you preparing your home for spring? Leave us a comment below or tweet us (@cbtriadrealtors) and let us know!
Written by Alexandra Kozinski

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